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Benefits of a Third Party Overview before creating a Response

A fresh overview leads to successful tenders.

No-one knows your business like you do – and that often works against you if you submit a Tender response without a third party providing an overview of what you do.

If you ask most organisations what they do, they will tell you. It’s what they do each day, every day, inside and out.

What they never tell you (and often don’t realise) until questioned, is the excellence they have developed, which allows them to carry out their daily tasks.

Part of Lilypad’s job as Tender writers is to tease out this information and support it with evidence.

Most organisations don’t realise the level to which :-

  • Their operations are specified and documented -  It may not be formal, but somehow everyone knows what to do! How?
  • They monitor and control waste - even if only via the invoices for skip or bin removal.
  • Their people are trained and qualified to operate safely and efficiently – annual refreshers are very typical.
  • Their staff are suitably multi skilled to cover sickness and holiday absence – a training matrix of some sort usually exists.
  • Their equipment is well maintained and regularly checked – records are kept, sometime informally, sometimes by law.
  • Their performance is measured against their own expectations and those of customers –most companies record poor performance, even if it’s only a complaints log.
  • They have contingency to meet customer requirements if unusual events occur – what’s the plan for services and supplies to continue in case of disaster?
  • They may have prestigious and / or long standing customers, who believe in them, - in so doing the customers are unwittingly providing a testimonial.   
  • They have notable achievements – for example, how many years without a complaint, how much growth has occurred, how many years they have been in business?
  • Their products or services have been developed to improve service to their customers and/ or the environment   - continual development occurs in some fashion in every organisation.                                                                                                                                                                                  

If the above isn’t asked for in the response, we make every effort to squeeze the points in somewhere. Just one sentence can make the difference to the buyer.

This is the reason that a professional tender writer greatly increases your chances of winning bids.


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